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Police Divorce

Police officers serve to protect our community, but they are not immune to facing family law matters. Sara Herrmann and Bob Walsh know that you are entitled to competent, trustworthy and aggressive representation. We know this is especially true when legal issues affect what matters most: your family. Our focus is on providing quality representation to police officers and other law enforcement personnel in divorce and other family law issues.

Sara and Bob have assisted San Antonio Police Officers and other law enforcement personnel in family law issues including:

We are aware of the extreme stressors that occur in these law enforcement families and are sensitive to the difficulties, the schedules, the obligations, and the job pressures one may be dealing with. One of the major concerns in divorces involving police officers is the protection and distribution of pensions and other retirement benefits. Sara and Bob can help negotiate a mutually satisfactory arrangement regarding these benefits, exchanging valuable marital assets for pension benefits.

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